Detect all profitable signals within 10 seconds, using QunatCT app!

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What EXACTLY is QuantCT ?!

and what you can do with it ?!

Your exclusive team of 1200+ market analyst bots: Non-stop, emotion-less and Precise!

Imagine you have a team of 1200+ crypto market analysts …!

  • They analyze entire crypto market, every moment.
  • They coordinate and consult each other to detect the current market trend precisely, every minute!
  • The detect every potentially profitable signal.
  • They predict the probability of winning and the expected profit or loss.

This is QuantCT …!

With QuantCT, you can detect current market trend within 3 seconds, and all potentially profitable signals within 10 seconds!

And those 1200+ analysts are trading bots from statistically sound and profitable trading strategies.

If making profits is all that matter to you, stay with me and continue the tour.

The simplest and the fastest way of detecting the market trend, within 3 seconds!

Go to QuantCT app and scroll down to the bottom.

If the Overall section were like this:


Overall section of the QuantCT's Outliner page
Overall section of the QuantCT’s Outliner page


i.e. the Rising block had a thick white border, the market trend is bullish and you can make profits in the long side, super easy! Just like when it is hard to buy and lose!

On the contrary, if the Falling block were red and had thick white border, it means inferno! The market trend is bearish – No matter what type of analysis you do, no matter from what guru you took the signal, you are most probably going to lose in the long side!

And you recognized the most important matter of trading, i.e. trend direction, within 3 seconds!

The simplest and the fastest way of catching profitable signals, within 10 seconds!

3 seconds for recognizing the trend direction, 7 seconds for this one:

Go to the Screeners page:


QuantCT's Screeners page for catching all profitable signals within 10 seconds
QuantCT’s Screeners page for catching all profitable signals within 10 seconds


Among strategy ideas and timeframes, look for rows with the following conditions:

  • Status column: Rising
  • Quality column: Good
  • Duration column: <= 2

No need to do anything else – those desired rows are sorted in top of the page.

Finished, within 10 seconds …!

The most simple way of profitable crypto trading

Just follow the Good …! i.e. entry and exit signals which have the word ‘Good’ in Quality column.

You also can filter those Good signals with your own qualitative or charting strategy. I do it with the Volume Profile indicator as the final filter.

I will show how to trade with each of QuantCT strategies, plus my own filtering and execution logic.

30-day Free Trial

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QuantCT offers 30 days free trial for its licenses.

Enjoy our unlimited 30-day free trial and pay after the trial period

There is NO need to pay in advance! You place your order for free, and by doing this you can use the app unlimitedly for 30 days.

Pay only if you are satisfied, and after the free trial period.

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